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Getting Started - Farmers Markets

Congratulations for taking this step with us as we continue building on the first of its kind Farmers Market and Vendor community platform.  Your presence on this platform plays an integral part in helping us to spotlight the importance of farmers markets in our communities.  Farmers markets and their unique vendors represent an industry that has stood the test of time and a belief that as a community we can all advance together.  We are so excited for the future and feel we are giving our communities small businesses the tools to compete in an ever changing technological landscape.  Let’s all get out and meet the people behind the business that make our communities great and unique.  Thanks again from Crated Harvest


Signing up

Welcome Vendors to the sign up.  On the landing page click on the Vendor button.  This will bring you to the Username and Password page where as a new user you will enter your username and password of choice.  Once you submit this information you will be taken to a farmers market detail page where you can add and update information such as name, address, day of the week, start and end date, and contact information.



Setting up market details

Once you have signed up as a Market Admin you will be prompted to provide Market specific information such as name, address, time and dates, etc.



Adding / removing market vendors

Market Admins will have the sole ability to add market vendors and remove market vendors from a specific market.  Vendor cannot align themselves will a specific market unless approved by a market admin.

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